We all have those life changing moments that cause us to question our choices and inspire us to do things differently. For me, a sudden loss sparked my need for change. After many months of reflection and research, I set out to create a line of skin care products that not only restored the health and vitality of my skin, but stimulated my senses and improved my overall well-being. I hope you enjoy!



Muni Muni (pronounced moonie moonie) is a Tagalog phrase meaning to think deeply, to ponder. Like our name suggests, our products are thoughtfully created. Grounded in our commitment to Natural, Ethical, Impactful, our products are formulated to deliver visible results using only the best natural, non-toxic and sustainable ingredients.


Natural Ingredients:

Formulated to deliver visible results, our products are made with only the best natural and non-toxic ingredients.  


Ethical Processes:

We are committed to using cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients. We do not test on animals.


Impactful Results:

Our packaging is purposefully minimal and 100% recyclable. We care about the environment and we’re doing our part to reduce waste.